Investor Information

Investment in property, supported by negative gearing has been the favoured means of building the future wealth of Australian families for many years.

Most recognize that their retirement needs will not be met without taking some additional action to provide more than their superannuation benefits can accrue.

Developcorp has been building to provide for both owner/occupiers and investors for many years.

As a result we can offer specific proof of capital gains generated by our well located projects, over several years, based on particular properties that have been sold earlier than originally planned for various reasons.

Example 1. Unit 34 Daher Centre, Westmead
Purchase Date 2008 $380,000
Sale Date 2012 $490,000
Years Held 4
Gross Capital Gain $110,000
Average Growth %age 7.23%

Example 2. 12/14 Read Avenue, Westmead
Purchase Date 2006 $300,000
Sale Date 2010 $445.000
Years Held 4
Gross Capital Gain $145,000
Average Growth %age 8.5%

Please note that Capital Gains Tax liability is assessed at a percentage of the gain, which is then added to the taxable income of the owner(s) in the year of the sale. This is then taxed at the owners marginal rate of tax, making it impractical to estimate its net cash effect.

However, the above examples need to be viewed in context - the periods involved include the disastrous era of the GFC where many other properties failed to generate any growth at all, or even devalued.

As a result we can clearly claim to be developing in areas of better than average growth, exactly what investors are constantly seeking.

We commend our current projects located in Waitara, Dulwich Hill, Hurlestone Park, and Parramatta, to those investors seeking to maximize their capital gain.

We will calculate accurate estimates of the net costs to be incurred by investors using actual Rates, actual Strata Fees and estimates of depreciation prepared by Quantity Surveyors. All of which provide the investor with the confidence to invest in Developcorp product.

Balmoral Gardens, Waitara

Terrace Grove, Dulwich Hill

Parkview, Waitara

Rise, Hurlstone Park